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Index of Customers July 1, 2021

Pipeline Name Pipeline Id Report Date Original/Revised Filing Indicator First Day of Calendar Quarter Unit of Measurement for Transportation Max Daily Quantity Unit of Measurement for Storage Max Quantity Contact Person and Phone Number Footnote Id.
Black Hills Shoshone Pipeline, LLC 004686 07/01/2021 O 07/01/2021 B (MMBtu) B (MMBtu) Douglas Law (402) 221 2635 1,4,5


Shipper Name Shipper Id Shipper Affiliation Indicator Rate Schedule Contract Number Contract Effective Date Contract Primary Term Expiration Date Days Until Next Possible Contract Expiration Negotiated Rates Indicator For Trans, Max Daily Quantity For Storage, Max Quantit Footnote Id.
Black Hills Service Company 079919225 Y FT SHO2 7/1/2020 4/06/2025 91 FT 12000 0 1,4,5
Agent or Asset Manager Name Agent or Asset Manager Affiliation Indicator Footnote Id.
Point Identifier Code /4 Point Name Point Identification Code Qualifier Point Identification Code Zone Name For Transportation Point, Max Daily Quantity For Storage Point, Max Daily Quantity Footnote Id.
M2 Silvertip 1001     12000 0 1,4
MQ Lane No 9 Cody 1001     12000 0 1,4
Footnote Number Footnote Text
1 Black Hills Shoshone is a bi-directional pipeline
4 M2=Receipt; MQ=Delivery
5 Contract is evergreen