Unsubscribed Capacity

Last Reviewed Date: 3/28/2018
TSP: 207
TSP Name: Black Hills Shoshone Pipeline, LLC
Cap Type Desc: Unsubscribed point capacity
Meas Basis Desc: Thousand Cubic Feet
Press Base: 14.90
Press Base Desc: Pounds Per Square Inch Gauge
Avail Cap Eff Date Time Avail Cap End Date Time Loc Prop Loc Name Loc Purp Loc Purp Desc Flow Direction** Loc QTI Qty Avail*
7008 Northwestern Warren MQ Delivery Location North 2 5,000
1002 Qualmay M2 Receipt Location South 1
1001 Lane No. 9, Cody M2 Receipt Location North 1 5,000
1002 Qualmay** M2 Receipt Location North 1
1001 Lane No. 9, Cody MQ Delivery Location South 1 8,500
7008 Northwestern Warren M2 Receipt Location South 2 8,500

* - Quantity Available is the unsubscribed capacity at the location.
** - The pipeline is bi-directional; however if there is any gas flowing in one direction (such as north), then no gas can flow in the other direction (i.e., south).

M2 - Receipt Location 1 - Receipt point(s) quantity
MQ - Delivery Location 2 - Delivery point(s) quantity