Historical Operationally Available Capacity

Last Reviewed Date: 3/26/2018
TSP: 207
TSP Name: Black Hills Shoshone Pipeline, LLC
Cap Type Desc: Operationally available unscheduled capacity
Meas Basis Desc: Thousand Cubic Feet
Press Base: 14.90psig @ Northwestern Warren / 14.73psig @ Lane No.9 - Cody
Press Base Desc: Pounds Per Square Inch Gauge
Avail Cap Eff Date Time Sort ascending Avail Cap End Date Time Loc Prop Loc Name Loc Purp Loc Purp Desc Flow Direction Loc QTI Qty Avail Scheduled Qty Design Cap IT
7026 Northwestern Warren MQ Receipt Location North 2 6,750 1,250 15,000
1002 Qualmay M2 Receipt Location South 1 1,000 2
1002 Qualmay M2 Receipt Location North 1 1,000 2
  • Silvertip capacity is only shown for the south direction. For capacity in the north direction please contact the Shipper Services department at 800-232-1850.
  • Design capacities are based on the maximum allowable operating presure (MAOP) for the pipeline and the normal operating pressures at the delivery point. As such, actual operating capacity may change due to pipeline operating conditions.
  • Qty Avail is the Estimated Operationally Available Quantity which is calculated based on current operating conditions as of the posted date and therefore does not guarantee availability based upon actual operating conditions at any given time.
  • Qualmay is an inactive receipt point that is not flowing. There currently is no scheduled or operationally available capacity available at the point. 
  • The pipeline is bi-directional; however if there is any gas flowing in one direction (such as north), then no gas can flow in the other direction (i.e., south).                                                                                      
M2 - Receipt Location 1 - Receipt point(s) quantity Y
MQ - Delivery Location 2 - Delivery point(s) quantity N